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Chistmas and Classics

Dear all,

sorry for my rather long absence in the WWW, but all the libraries were closed over the public holidays...

Hope you enjoyed a nice christmas+I wish a happy new year 2007. I survived christmas without becoming melancholic or constantly intoxicated. I was in church!!! and cooked indian with another German around. Boxing Day I spent with Stuart's family and they did everything to keep my spirits up (basically with whiskey, guinness and rugby). Thanks to all of u, who did send a christmascard, it's always nice to find sometihing in the letterbox 

Last friday a tourist group from Trier arrived and we had a great time together. Although the new year event in Belfast was cancelled because of bad weather.

Today I'm around with Yeats again. Some way to go, but ok, as long as I can see the light!

big hugs


2.1.07 12:55

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fluffi (8.1.07 11:06)
hahaich habe einen fehler in deinem letzten blogeintrag entdeckt! "thanks to all, who DID send..." wann benutzt man nochmal did?bei fragen und verneinten sätzen. oder ist das jetzt wieder so ne eingebürgerte redewendung und wir haben es anders gelernt?naja wollt ich nur mal kurz anmerkenviele grüße,hoffe es geht dir gut!

Jeanne / Website (8.1.07 17:47)
Jetzt sei doch mal nich so grausam Fluff :-) heehee

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