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The Game of the Gentleman

Stuart had bought some tickets for the rugby match Ulster-Leinster this Saturday. Rugby has the highest prestige among sports in Ireland. It is considered to be the game of the gentleman in contrast to working-class soccer. Although it is quite tough (almost everything is allowed to stop the other team) and there was one casualty, it was surprising how the players acted very fair toward each other. The match is 80 minutes at all; weather was not that good it was a great sports event. I hope to another match on Boxing Day. Oh, the result; a 6:6 draw.
I finished my essays this week-end. Now I can invest more time in my intimate friendship to William again. As long as I don’t need Jack around for support everything is fine.
For all fans of stronger spirits: Bushmills is a very smooth whiskey from Northern Ireland. A good thing to finish a day with i.e. not EVERY day.





3.12.06 14:06

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Fluffi (6.12.06 15:29)
Hallo wünsche dir nen frohen nikolaus!!"feiert" man den bei euch eigentlich auch?viele liebe grüße aus bonn, fluffiii

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