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Towards Galway

We used the last week-end to visit Dominik, one of Eva’s fellow students from Heidelberg, at Galway. Gaillimh (Gaelic) is on the Western coast of the Republic of Ireland. Its university has 20-30 000 students compared to a total number of 90 000 inhabitants. It’s a little bit like Trier in regard to the atmosphere. We travelled by bus i.e. 7-8 hours. My bum is really flat now, some exercise must be done.
Galway is a lovely town and for all Ireland travellers an interesting stop. I enjoyed the sea, meeting new people and the genuine Irish pubs. And they have got Euro, what a blessing. Some very special friends I found in Syndy und Kloks (not sure about the pronunciation). Kloks is even able to walk under my jumber. Very special indeed, a big thank you to our host and Eva for that trip. Definitely a good thing to do.



13.11.06 12:39

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