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Giants Causeway...

...and back. On Saturday we took part in a coach trip to the Giants Causeway, one oft the most remarkable natural landscapes of Eire. Although the weather was typically Irish (i.e. rain), we had a cool day off. The Giant Finn McCool build the Causeway for his giant lover living in Scotland->love can really move mountains

University started this week and I had my first classes/moduels. The system here is quite different relying on work at home...no comment on that. Nevertheless, I think most of my 6 lessons in week will be interesting.Probably that's why I've already had to prepare two presentations for next week.

A nota bene for everbody intending to come up to Belfast: I won't be here longer than the last week of January!!!

Cheerz to all of u

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“Mein Hamster ist gestorben!”

To know this sentence in Northern Ireland is sufficient to be considered as a true German coming from Potsdam. At least, that was Peter’s (NI) experience when we showed up at an All-Irish party and the people were a little confused about our origin.
Last Tuesday we celebrated the German National Holyday with decent dinner (sausages and sliced potatoes accompanied with imported German beer). The whole family was pleased with it. Another attempt to promote German hospitality after the World Championship.
Apart from that, a quite sporty week with four soccer sessions. First match for Queen’s included. Got a slap in the face. A disgraceful 1:5 against a crap team with the freshers doesn’t encourage my Northern Irish soccer career. What shall we do with drunken sailor early in the morning?


Big hugs

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The Rape of Markus B....

yes, u can trust ur eyes. I was sexually abused by an Northern Irish girl on Monday at the Parlour Club. She forced me to write down her number, kissed me and went away. Next day I receiced a text, she cant remember anything...well, thats clubbing in NI. Binge-drinking until the bitter end

What else, university is university. Some days more work some days less. Sounds familiar, doesnt it?

Yesterday I received my first visitor and its no one from Germany. Germnany shame on u. I booked my flight back, so I'll leave on 25/01/07. First come, first served...or sth like that.

Because of my cold (yeah, finally I pay my tribute to the wind and rain) and my guest no soccer this week-end. There's only one Sunday standing between me and the new week. And it's gonna be a hell of a week!!!!

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William and Ernest

Are my new best friends in Northern Ireland. William is of Anglo-Irish ancestry and Ernest is a true American. Nevertheless we have a swell time together. The write the books and I have to read them. I can really recommend The Sun also Rises for all of you looking for an inspiring experience.
Hard to believe, that I have been here for 6 weeks now. Time flies. This week I found the reason for the bad health condition in NI: Don’t eat too much fish&chips! You will become one of them. The weather is actually quite good for the end of October. Sun with an agreeable mix of showers from above.
Last week-end I had to remember all my skills from the time at community service. Jenna’s upper arm is completely broken, so I had to lend a helping hand quite often. But it was nice to see each other after 10 months.

Thursday, I have been out after my Northern Irish allies deserted me. Was a good party at The Fly and met an interesting person there. The Gods are benevolent to the courageous!

 Stay tuned

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"I melted frosty"

with this sexy slogan on her t-shirt one of my housemates will be able to melt every man's heart at halloween. remember that Ireland is a HW-country and it's quite a big event up here.best costume suggestions so far (for a female): lingerie model, male: sex bomb...

Who is that mysterious person? Is it a "she"? Yes she is. And here u have the first description: tall. long blond hair, blue-eyed. No, she is not from Scandinavia...so have a guess!

Last night we witnessed the defeat of the Belfast Giants (the one and only Irish Icehockey-Tem) in The Odyssey Arean. Seems a wee bit like the SAP Arena in Mannheim... Tonight is another ramble tamble....always on the run, no time to sleep...!

Cheerz to all of u!

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A wee bit of culture

Today a unique blogspecial brought to u by OUP. A mock poem in the tradition A. Pope:

The Slug & the Snail

A slug met a snail / and to no avail/ the snail mocked the slug./ "Oh slug, where's your shell? In winter's biting frost / you'll sure go to hell!"

Whereon the slug answered her kin: "Oh snail, I don't need a shell/ Cause with such a body/ I'm VIP at every man's party!"

cheerz and love to all of you

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