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Waiting for Ahome!

Ahoj out there,

this is going to be my Erasmus-Weblog for the next six months. At the moment there is not much to tell you.

I´m still waiting for Ahome! We´ll see which penthouse is going to be provided for me in Belfast.

By the way, the Spongebobbeachparty (04/08) was an overwhelming success. Thanks to everybody who had his/her share in that event. I´m convinced that this evening is one to be remembered.

Stay tuned


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It´s the final countdown!!


only ten days left before I have to move out of my ananas-penthouse 77. What a pity, I hope there is a similar lodging to develop modern dandyism further.

by the way; have look at my two flat ladies. Will there ever be such a harmonious threesome again??? 



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Leaving on a EC-train


Welcome to the "Day of the Lasts"...

Last day in my penthouse, last Hofgarten soccer, last lasagne a la casa, last entry before the flight...

Nevertheless, the German Post is driving me crazy. The last document standing between me and my Magister is already 4 days on the road and hasn´t arrived yet. Bad Honnef seems to be too much for our mail delivery system.

Sincerely yours, until the "Day of the Firsts"!


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