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The Blackbird’s Nest

Is the title of a recent anthology of poetry including poets associated with Queens for the last 100 years. On Saturday was the official Poetry Gala which I attended due to a free ticket sponsored by the English Society. I had a nice and enjoyable evening, although the most famous author (won the Nobel Price!!!) was missing. Another riddle to solve!J
Unfortunately, the evening coincided with a short trip to the North Coast. I decided for a compromise spend Friday up there and returning in time to Belfast. I had a splendid day (sunny) with Stuart, Melanie and Eva, the coastline is definitely a must see for those of you coming around…
Too much gerunds today and I don’t know why. Women won’t be mentioned this time. Next week is off because it’s reading week. We are supposed to read. Of course, I will do that as an international model student. Sure thing!



5.11.06 11:29

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stoke / Website (7.11.06 11:47)
Seamus Heaney....

Rainer (17.11.06 12:34)
So, you guys also have reading break. We had this nice institution in Canada, too. I hope, it's not the same reason for the invention of reading break as it was in Canada: They invented reading break because of too high suicide rates among students... By the way, it's contested if it is a break from or for reading. It's up to you, I suppose.
Sorry, that I haven't written anything here before. I always forgot to look at this blog. As you know, I have a critical approach towards new media
I hope you enjoyed your reading break


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