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"I melted frosty"

with this sexy slogan on her t-shirt one of my housemates will be able to melt every man's heart at halloween. remember that Ireland is a HW-country and it's quite a big event up here.best costume suggestions so far (for a female): lingerie model, male: sex bomb...

Who is that mysterious person? Is it a "she"? Yes she is. And here u have the first description: tall. long blond hair, blue-eyed. No, she is not from Scandinavia...so have a guess!

Last night we witnessed the defeat of the Belfast Giants (the one and only Irish Icehockey-Tem) in The Odyssey Arean. Seems a wee bit like the SAP Arena in Mannheim... Tonight is another ramble tamble....always on the run, no time to sleep...!

Cheerz to all of u!

28.10.06 13:14

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fluffi (28.10.06 14:02)
long blond hair,blue eyed- du hast nen guten geschmack,ich wusste es schon immer

fluffi (28.10.06 14:05)
und ich schätze sie kommt aus osteuropa!

Jeanne / Website (28.10.06 20:49)
DER T-Shirt-Spruch is der Brüller! Ja, dann mal ran an die Buletten ;-)

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