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William and Ernest

Are my new best friends in Northern Ireland. William is of Anglo-Irish ancestry and Ernest is a true American. Nevertheless we have a swell time together. The write the books and I have to read them. I can really recommend The Sun also Rises for all of you looking for an inspiring experience.
Hard to believe, that I have been here for 6 weeks now. Time flies. This week I found the reason for the bad health condition in NI: Don’t eat too much fish&chips! You will become one of them. The weather is actually quite good for the end of October. Sun with an agreeable mix of showers from above.
Last week-end I had to remember all my skills from the time at community service. Jenna’s upper arm is completely broken, so I had to lend a helping hand quite often. But it was nice to see each other after 10 months.

Thursday, I have been out after my Northern Irish allies deserted me. Was a good party at The Fly and met an interesting person there. The Gods are benevolent to the courageous!

 Stay tuned

22.10.06 12:58

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Fluffi (24.10.06 16:42)
wer is denn die interesting person, häh??

Jeanne / Website (24.10.06 18:50)
6 Wochen erst... Kommt mir länger vor :-(

René (25.10.06 10:27)
Ja my friend,
würde mich ja auch mal interessieren, wer das ist...!!
Ich wünsche ir einen wunderschönen Tag!!
Grüße René

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