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The Rape of Markus B....

yes, u can trust ur eyes. I was sexually abused by an Northern Irish girl on Monday at the Parlour Club. She forced me to write down her number, kissed me and went away. Next day I receiced a text, she cant remember anything...well, thats clubbing in NI. Binge-drinking until the bitter end

What else, university is university. Some days more work some days less. Sounds familiar, doesnt it?

Yesterday I received my first visitor and its no one from Germany. Germnany shame on u. I booked my flight back, so I'll leave on 25/01/07. First come, first served...or sth like that.

Because of my cold (yeah, finally I pay my tribute to the wind and rain) and my guest no soccer this week-end. There's only one Sunday standing between me and the new week. And it's gonna be a hell of a week!!!!

14.10.06 15:06

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Jeanne / Website (19.10.06 12:26)
Ooooh Wauziii du armes Tierchen! Die böööösen alkoholisierten Frauen :-) *narf*

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