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“Mein Hamster ist gestorben!”

To know this sentence in Northern Ireland is sufficient to be considered as a true German coming from Potsdam. At least, that was Peter’s (NI) experience when we showed up at an All-Irish party and the people were a little confused about our origin.
Last Tuesday we celebrated the German National Holyday with decent dinner (sausages and sliced potatoes accompanied with imported German beer). The whole family was pleased with it. Another attempt to promote German hospitality after the World Championship.
Apart from that, a quite sporty week with four soccer sessions. First match for Queen’s included. Got a slap in the face. A disgraceful 1:5 against a crap team with the freshers doesn’t encourage my Northern Irish soccer career. What shall we do with drunken sailor early in the morning?


Big hugs

8.10.06 13:21

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Fluffi&Jeanne (11.10.06 16:51)
Halloooo wir sinds mal wieder und wollten dir viele liebe grüße aus bonn schicken freuen uns schon wenn du wieder da bist

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