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Giants Causeway...

...and back. On Saturday we took part in a coach trip to the Giants Causeway, one oft the most remarkable natural landscapes of Eire. Although the weather was typically Irish (i.e. rain), we had a cool day off. The Giant Finn McCool build the Causeway for his giant lover living in Scotland->love can really move mountains

University started this week and I had my first classes/moduels. The system here is quite different relying on work at home...no comment on that. Nevertheless, I think most of my 6 lessons in week will be interesting.Probably that's why I've already had to prepare two presentations for next week.

A nota bene for everbody intending to come up to Belfast: I won't be here longer than the last week of January!!!

Cheerz to all of u

1.10.06 12:54

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Renayman (1.10.06 17:03)
Hey Mr Eire,
nice pics. I need some explanations for them (name, age, what happened and so on..)

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