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First casualtie in Northern Irish winter

my "I love Bonn" umbrella was seriously affected by the strong wind blowing on the last week-end. I had to spend some time on repairing it...but now it is as good as new

This week I wrote two essays for my modules. So there was not much free time to do anything else. Still there are two more to go...*uarhhgh* Well, at least I signed up for the Dublin Houseparty in two weeks. The concept sounds quite familiar: take a bus full of international studends and drop them in a house at the outskirts of Dublin and there u r->Erstifahrt the Irish way.

Yesterday Eva recieved some visitors from Germany for the week-end. The house is now occuupied by our grand nation! Best thing: Mum send me an SPONGEBOB advent calendar. That's the cool stuff for cool people!!!!!



25.11.06 17:14

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