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The Game of the Gentleman

Stuart had bought some tickets for the rugby match Ulster-Leinster this Saturday. Rugby has the highest prestige among sports in Ireland. It is considered to be the game of the gentleman in contrast to working-class soccer. Although it is quite tough (almost everything is allowed to stop the other team) and there was one casualty, it was surprising how the players acted very fair toward each other. The match is 80 minutes at all; weather was not that good it was a great sports event. I hope to another match on Boxing Day. Oh, the result; a 6:6 draw.
I finished my essays this week-end. Now I can invest more time in my intimate friendship to William again. As long as I don’t need Jack around for support everything is fine.
For all fans of stronger spirits: Bushmills is a very smooth whiskey from Northern Ireland. A good thing to finish a day with i.e. not EVERY day.





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Hejho compatriots,


Last week-end I spend in Baile Átha Cliath, also know as Dublin. The trip was organised by the International Friendship Association and did cost only ₤45. I really enjoyed the days down in the Republic. New impressions and nice people. Although I could not get completely rid of William. We met him in an exhibition in the National Library. Dublin is flooded with tourists. I doubt if there is one genuine Irishman/woman among 10 random people you meet on the street…The Irish capital is supposed to be the most expensive European city right now and I believe that. We visited the Guinness brewery as well and two mates (German and Spanish) spend almost an hour at the free sample area. That’s value for money.
Today is Secret Santa i.e. “Wichteln” in German and I haven’t my present yet. Have to get that soon.
All the best


The Belfaster

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Poems and Pints

was the title of first official reading of some of my poetry on last Thursday. The reading is an monthly forum opnen to everybody writings simething similar to literature. I presented five poems:

Under a skylight

The fancy game

A 24-hour love

The Quest of the Old Man in the Cave


Feddback among the younger audience (i.e. my age) was quite good. For all of u who can't make out any sense of that entry. Enlightenment will come after my return.

big hugs


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