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Welcme to Queens

Today is the official start of university. A lot of freshers/1st semester students will be running around looking desperately for their lecture hall on the campus. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it I have one lecture+tutorial this afternoon on Romantic and 18th Century Literature. That’s ok.
Last Saturday we spend at (London) Derry, the city where the “Troubles” started after 13 civil right activists had been killed by British soldiers on “Bloody Sunday”. It’s quite depressing if you march through a city wherein the quarters are marked by the Union Jack or the Republican flag. All the lampposts are painted, so never forget where you are. The tensions are not over…much fighting in Free Derry.
Peter’s family was very kind and we had good lunch and dinner. His father offered us a sniff of whiskey which I was delighted to take. Not everything is bad…


Take care

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Hurricane Henry

arrived at Belfast over night. Quite windy outside my little penthouse. But it’s no use, late I’ll have to get out and check the main library for the Internet. I’ve signed up for thee modules (that’s how the seminars are called at Queen’s). That’s supposed to be the average workload of a student in Northern Ireland. The reading lists are really endless; on the other hand people don’t spend much time in the classroom. Fair enough.
To upload photos causes some problem with the server. So in case you are interested I can forward you some taken by Eva with her digital camera.
On Saturday we’re going to pass a day in Derry with Peter who invited us to his hometown. His mother gonna cook for us. The first REAL Irish lunch. Looking forward to that…


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The rain falls down in Africa…

due to wirless lan connection problems this entry is still under process!!!!! 

…actually not in Northern Ireland. We had three almost completely sunny days in Belfast!!! It’s a good thing to have my superb sunglasses with me. Belfast city is really great, a lot of money comes from European funds and is invested in rebuilding whole areas. To get a first impression have a look at the photo below. That’s me in front of the Belfast Telegraph main building, the oldest newspaper of Northern Ireland.


The building represents the typical architecture, but you find some more impressive moment all through the centre of Belfast. Ok, a lot of partying is still to be done…
Thanks to everybody who texted or mailed on Sunday

Sincerely yours

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D-Days-Days of the Documents

There have been a lot of documents to be completed during the last days. Almost as funny as good old Germany. But a moment ago I put the last one in an envelope, so I feel happy. Jolly good folks, cup of tea, no just kidding. I am becoming a real British teageek. Yesterday I started to pour milk in it.
Besides, we (Eva + moi) we bought dishes and cutlery. 18.6 kilos to carry form the city centre to our residency. Now, we are completely new equipped for visitors. We have been to the “Parlour” club yesterday evening; it’s sometimes the horrible truth. All the girls wear short skirts, but not all of them should wear them…no more comment on that pals.
Today (Friday) I was supposed to receive my student’s ID and with it my internet login. Things didn’t work out and that’s why the last two entries have been uploaded in the internet café just around the corner. Tonight there is a large dinner for all the new international students in the Great Hall at Queen’s. That´s the occasion to wear my fine new suite. There we go, the new guest lecturer of the German department Dr. M. Buessecker


Cheerz to everybody

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How to get rid of 1300₤ before noon

That’s really easy. Just get the money to pay the accommodation fee for the whole term plus linen pack, new SIM card (number will be provided via email) and something to eat and there you end up with nothing in your pockets.
On Monday evening I had my first training session with the Queen’s soccer team. It’s been a tough piece of work, nothing to be compared with the Hofgarten theatre. Apparently, I’ll be part of the defence…Antonio’s warnings didn’t help. Got a lift back to my place, jolly good!


All my bises

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The ride of the glorious 33

Travelling via plane is an adventure in itself. I was checked 4 times and laptop+camera went trough a special examination in Frankfurt/Airport. I think my suite was the object that aroused suspicion. On our way to Manchester we were only 33 people at all. But after my transfer into a super Turboprop (have a guess) the show must go on. I had a seat besides a man who started to pray after our take-off and remained mumbling until we arrived at Belfast City-Airport. Not to forget that lovely couple weighing together more than 200kilos right in front of me. He was in heaven with his new ManU stuff and she with her chips. Apart from this, I had a hearty welcome and entered my new penthouse around 20:00h. By the way, the address is the one posted below; no changes.

Actually, we are three persons sharing bathroom and kitchen. I had a nice chat with my North-Irish neighbour Peter and the obligatory cup of tea.

hugs to all of you

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She wrote upon it, return to sender...

Hello to all the faithful blog readers ;-)


I didn’t intend to write another entry before my departure, but why shouldn’t I? First things first, as a famous lecturer used to say. I’ve got my postal address in Belfast:


Markus Büssecker
28 Mount Charles (2nd Floor Room 2)
Belfast  BT7     1NZ
Northern Ireland


If changes take place, I’ll let you know immediately. Ok, now this is a goodbye, winke winke and kisses to everybody who wants to receive all or one of the three. I gonna miss you, but time runs fast and a good story continues!


Keep in touch (wow, that feels already great)



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